Very close to the village of Toukoro, in one of the traditional houses lives “the Elder”, the local wiseman, who is also Soumana’s grandfather, and founder of the Paradise Centre. Several families live here and participate in the Centre’s activities. It’s also the ideal place where festivities and other events can be held on a regular basis, including the recording of the Paradise group’s first album.

The agricultural activities organised by Nicolas allow many people to work during the planting season, and therefore feed their families all year round. Since the creation of the well, more crops can be planted. At the moment, cereals and fruit are the main crops which are cultivated.

More recently, a field was used for the testing of a new biological natural fertilizer. The results are so far encouraging. We’ll be following this very closely and keep you posted.



Cattle rearing is always closely linked to farming, and the breading of cows, chickens, goats and sheep is done with the intention of either using them to till the land, for sale or for personal consumption, depending on the need. Each year the livestock increases, not to mention the boom which the well will give to these activities.








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