On the target:

- enlarging of the school which welcomes as many new students as possible every year

- building of a space for musicians, so as to enable them to play gigs and be remunerated for it, as well as to practice and record their creations.

- in general, the consolidation of the Paradis financial autonomy, thanks to the reimbursment of all its debts by the end of 2007


When you feel invited by the Paradis emulation, then don't hesitate: find yourself a sensfull activity, both for you and the Paradis, and this will be your leading wire. This will bring straight to the Paradis center, in the old quarter, in Bobo-Dioulasso, in Burkina Faso, in Africa, where certain dreams can be brought to reality

Africa is speaking the language of its former settlers so that Africa can understand and forgive them when they will come again to bring harmony in the chaos they created and which they still entertain.

Thus everybody may find his dignity, one through sharing the herited wizdom and the other sharing the herited means.

Let's keep in mind tha young westerners' are currently dying from suicide as opposed to young Africaners', like many others, who are dying from diseases and starvation.

Raising from all this sufferness, the strength that move us also work at attracting one toward the other so we can meet and understand.


We are actually looking for:

- All items for use in First Aid, bandages, plasters, disinfectant, etc.

- Any type of clothing, shoes etc.

- Woodwork machinery

- Automotive machinery and vehicle spare parts, any relevant equipment for a garage.

- Sewing machines and any other machinery in this area.

- Sporting equipment, especially football shirts, balls, football shoes, bicycles etc.

Different items created by local craftsmen are available, you can choose between statues, and either bronze or wood-carved sculptures, musical instruments (not for ornamental use only), and many more objects.






the Postal account of Paradis...

"Association Le Paradis
Burkina Faso
1950 Sion

CCP 17-191849-9

Less than 2% charges !

All is invested in the project f your choice, among our activities:

school, microcredit, health...


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