The Paradis was born in the old quarter in Bobo-Dioulasso named "Dioulasso-bà", historical location in the building of the second city in terms of inhabitants -500'000 inhabitants- and the first one in terms of business. Despite that half of the people live in the old quarter, it is mainly poor people living there, left aside of a so-called development, sometimes far away from the day-to-day reality.

Le Paradis was born under the willingness of Soumana Sanou to act for the good of the old quarter, associated with Didier Nanchen’s desire to participate to this task, bringing his energy and his capacity to mobilize people in Europe. They met in 1999, in the old part of Dioulasso Bà. Since then, the strong relationship they built keeps on making new members every day, on both continents.

Le Paradis is today a large associative structure, which goes on growing, in numbers of realised projects as much as in numbers of persons involved.

Step by step, following its means and successes, Le Paradis took care successively the education, logistic and economic support, health, waste management and professional training, thanks to the development of numerous activities which, furthermore to train youngsters toward pertinent jobs, contributes to create a healthy financial equilibrium, and even bring the whole structure to become financially autonomous since early 2006!

From time to time, external financial means like loans or donations are used to realise only punctual projects, like building an extension for the school or digging a well. Those operations do not participate to the day to day activity.

The job of the Paradis consits of realising common interest projects wanted by the old quarter population, while insuring financial autonomy. Among those projects, one part is dealing with public service activities, and the other one dealing with generating resources, in addition to give professional and practical skills to the trainees and create jobs. All the income left is used to finance the whole structure.

Around thirty persons are working for the Paradis, thanks to whom the Paradis is now an major actor in the old part of the city and its 250'000 inhabitants who all support the Paradis.

The desir of autonomy is part of the foundation of the Paradis’spirit. It concerns the finance as much as the people engaged. Every participant, regardless of its position is accompanied by a “twin”. This way, nobody is indispensable, and everybody counts, so as to enable the whole structure to survive to change, whatever they are, and to subscribe to a relative sustainability.

thanks to spirit of solidarity and mutuality, the Paradis has become a very successfull organisation, day after day, exchange after exchange.

On the Paradis sits a kind of emulation. It is obtained by natural association of a great thirst for sense coming from occidental participants, and of a great thirst for means coming from African participants. The spot of this meeting is somewhere between Africa and Europe.

The Paradis is a structure with variable geometry, because everything there is possible, knowing that there is also a fixed core that doesn't vary at all: the common sense.




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