The Paradis School, is first and foremost a school enabling the youngest children to learn, to read and write. It is mainly for children from the old quarter, is free-of-charge and composed of three classes of 50 children per class, ranging from infants’ school to second year primary school; a four-year difference. Each year, an extra class is added to accommodate those children who have reached the next level. The school has therefore been running for more than four years.

Eventually, in about three year’s time, the school should be capable of including all grades up to secondary school level and students can then reintegrate the public school system. We still need to find sufficient financial backing for the building of extra classrooms and employment of extra teachers and everything this entails.

The overall school budget amounts to approx. 100,000 CFA per month, principally financed by the Centre’s commercial training activities. This covers the salary for three teachers and their overheads, i.e. school material, text books, school uniforms etc.



In order to encourage children of all ages to read, to research, to study or just as a form of escapism, The Paradise provides a large assortment of books, all free-of-charge, suitable for all ages and any tastes. To keep the library up to date, we accept with great pleasure any book donations.

Two volunteer librarians are fully in charge of the day-to-day running of the library, including the book loans, returns, stocks etc.






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