The Paradise truck has been running since the beginning of the year. Two lorry-drivers have been assigned to this service, Charles and Moussa, his apprentice. Once paid for, this should be a very good investment which will go towards the association’s financial autonomy.

The truck is used by the Paradise centre mainly for the refuse collection. Other transport contracts have been signed up and include the transport of construction materials, bricks, sand, cement and stone.

The Paradise also acquired a lorry in February 2006. It is used by the centre, but can also be rented out for transportation whenever possible, which helps increase the financial turnover of the centre.


The Paradise taxi has been in operation for nearly two years now. Four taxi-drivers, including one who is in training, have turned this into a very profitable operation. It's now making money for the centre with Adama as the taxi-driver and Mamadou as his apprentice.

The Paradise’s mechanic, Abdulaye, has been looking after our vehicles from the very beginning; he does this as well as his regular job in a garage in Bobo. He’s accompanied by two apprentices and has already trained many others.

The Paradise’s mechanical workshop has been running for a year now and it’s main objective is to be able to employ a full-time mechanic. To do this, we would need to import from Europe the spare parts and material necessary to equip such a workshop and make it function.








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