In April 2005, the local refuse collection project was launched. An ambitious programme, the project would consist of regrouping a large part of the refuse usually dumped in a local backwater by the inhabitants of the old quarter of Dioulasso-bà , and to separate them into the different containers put at their disposal, which would then be collected thanks to one of the Paradise's trucks.

This project was financed by the "UN 1% for Development Fund", for whom we express our sincere thanks.

The actual system functions thanks to the Centre's voluntary workers who organise the collections and is free-of-charge. The expenses are covered by the Paradise Centre, with the hope of finding some financial support from the local council.

In order to make this an independent project, we contacted the Bobo-Dioulasso Town Council who agreed to take charge of what they declared to be their responsibility in the maintenance of such a project. Since then, elections have been underway, so we must wait to see whether the good intentions will turn into tangible reality..

Our future projects would hopefully include the replacement of the manufacture of plastic bags by biodegradable ones which are widely responsible for pollution all over Africa. We would also like to organise the collection and recycling of used batteries, which can be found everywhere, causing ground and agricultural pollution. The metal and lead content which leaks out of them is responsible for numerous serious illnesses, left undetected due to lack of resources in the regions concerned.

These projects are ready to implement and just need the solid and sincere backing of the local members of the community. The necessary technology and capacity are there, the only thing missing is the will to mix the two.





1% U.N. Fund


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